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Marcia Wood's Office
 Depression, including post-partum depression
 Grief or loss
 The end of a relationship
 Dealing with stress
 Self-care skills
 Parenting issues
 Life transitions
 Relationship, dating or intimacy issues
 Suicidal feelings
 Procrastination or time management problems
 Better communication
 Resolving conflicts
 Personal growth
 Ethical dilemmas

These are all areas in which I have substantial experience in helping people, although my private psychotherapy practice is not limited to these areas. The match between a therapist and individual client or couple is an important ingredient in the success of therapy. Our first step will be to set up a consultation session in my office if you would like to explore whether you feel that I will be helpful and effective for you. This is a time for us both to evaluate whether we’d like to proceed together or whether some other resource would better meet your needs. If we determine that another resource would be better suited, I can help you find that service.

Marcia Wood's Office

• Initial consultation (60 min) $225
• Therapy session (45 min) $160

I am happy to accept cash or a personal check, but do not take credit or any kind of debit cards. If you have insurance that covers my services, I can bill them for the portion they will cover.

Once we have set up an initial consultation session you should proceed to my Forms page, which will give you much more specific information about my practice, and guide you to which forms you will need to read, fill out and sign ahead of time.

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