Marcia Johnston Wood, Ph.D.

Marcia Johnston Wood, Ph.D. -


Marcia WoodWelcome to my psychotherapy practice. For over thirty years I have treated adult individuals and couples who want to better understand and change life, emotional and relationship patterns that are causing distress or conflict. These may result from many sources such as depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, loss, relationship dysfunction or difficult life transitions.  Understanding yourself better allows you to make choices and to develop more adaptive and satisfying ways of being both alone and in relationship.


Research shows that a positive relationship with a therapist is a powerful and successful tool for change and healing.  I believe that effective psychotherapy can be a profound motivator to making choices based on increased self-understanding and acceptance. My style is interactive, collaborative and supportive. We will create an emotionally safe, compassionate and respectful environment where you can explore important issues, events and patterns with my non-judgmental encouragement and help.


René Magritte, “La Clairvoyance” 1936
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I am practical and will help you to identify specific goals and map out how to accomplish those. I will help you envision and then implement changes you want in your life so that you are going towards greater emotional and physical health and satisfaction.


My experience as Ethics Chair and then President of the Oregon Psychological Association has added significantly to my professional skill, leadership and perspective as a psychologist. I continue to serve as Chair of OPA’s Confidential Peer Support Committee and these professional activities balance my private practice clinical work.

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